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Computer Eyewear


People with presbyopia will appreciate the comfort of mid-distance lenses for working on screen; they are better suited to the wearer’s posture than progressive lenses or near-vision lenses:

  • Progressive lenses offer too narrow a field of mid-distance vision and too low a field of near vision to be comfortable when facing a screen. Wearers say their correction is “not properly in front of their eyes”.
  • Near-vision lenses do not allow you to see beyond the screen. Their maximum range is 30 cm, so the wearer is unable to see things in their immediate environment.


The mid-distance solution

Thanks to wider fields of near and mid-distance vision, mid-distance lenses offer very comfortable vision at your screen, workstation and beyond, with clear vision for 2 to 3 meter ideal for office environments.

Screens and anti-reflective lenses

Using lenses with an anti-reflective coating for working on a computer screen is highly recommended to protect your eyes and reduce visual fatigue. Some benefits of anti-reflective coatings are:

  • Reduce reflections on the computer screen from nearby light sources such as desk lamps, ceiling lights or natural light from outside which can cause a significant amount of strain on your vision.
  • Reduce radiation from the screen itself reaches your eye directly without you even realizing it.
  • Reduce Eye strain and the visual fatigue which can get worse the longer you work on a screen.

The solution is anti-reflective lenses, which are recommended both for people who wear glasses and those with no visual defects.