contact lenses


Contact Lens Examination & Fitting


At Loveland Eyecare, we custom fit children and adults with contact lenses for your individual needs.  Our professionally trained staff will provide individual personal instruction for ease and success of contact lens use.  Some of our custom fittings include hydroclear contacts for dry eyes, high astigmatism contacts, monovision, multifocal contacts for presbyopia, and daily disposables for allergic and sensitive eyes.

Your fitting by Dr. Loveland will include:

  • A health evaluation of your eye and cornea with a bio microscope.
  • Corneal measurements
  • Visual Acuity – Distance, computer/intermediate, and near
  • Movement and placement of lenses on the eye
  • Calculation of contact lens prescription
  • Determination of contact lens material that best fits your eye health and lifestyle needs.
  • Follow up visit(s) to insure successful contact lens wear


Some of our Specialty fittings and Contact Lenses include:

Sports and Activities– we fit all types of contact lenses for children and adults.

Daily Disposable- Ease of use, eliminates cost of cleaning solutions, eliminates deposits aggravating allergies and irritation, cleanest lenses reducing eye infections.

Multifocal Contacts- Enable you to see distance, computer/intermediate, and near without dependence on readers and maintaining binocularity and depth perception.

Monovision fitting- Enable you to see distance, computer/intermediate, and near without dependence on readers.

Astigmatic and High Astigmatic fittings- successfully wearing contact lenses is possible.

Dry Eye fittings- We have many choices of hydrosoft contacts along with dry eye therapy to help enable comfortable wear.