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Sports Glasses


Nikon recommends polarizing lenses, particularly suitable for playing sport. They offer better, sharper, more comfortable vision and therefore help to improve your performance. These are mainly polarized lenses, photochromic (variable-tint Transitions) and polycarbonate lenses. Their specific added value can really change your vision. But be careful: not all lenses are suitable for all sports.

Anti-reflective Coating

Safe driving means having clear, sharp vision with good contrast to be able to anticipate the traffic, steer confidently and react quickly in case there is an obstacle. Drivers are recommended to wear lenses with an anti-reflective coating to optimize performance and visual comfort behind the wheel.

  • They improve clarity and contrasts significantly, giving a much sharper vision. In good weather, sun polarizing lenses are particularly recommended.
  • They provide better perception and relief of glared vision. More reactive, you are also much more safety on the road.